Black Music Month

It may seem like every day is the time to celebrate the musical contributions of African-Americans, thanks in no small part to the never ending amount of innovative, exciting music that is recorded and released. But, actually, since then-President Jimmy Carter announced it on June 7, 1979, June has been the month designated as the time to formally honor it. This year, BET's coverage includes an uncut video interview with Jermaine Dupri, a flipbook of 25 music executives you need to know and a photo slideshow of our favorite music moments in film and lots more.

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Music News: Sound Check: Finish the Lyrics, the R&B Edition

Music fans know R&B way better than they know rap. (6/23/2015)

Music News: Sound Check: Marry, Kiss, Kill Doesn’t End Well for All

Plus, one guy wonders if he can marry three celebs at once. (6/22/2015)

Music News: Sound Check – Whatcha Know About Nicki?

Billy Sorrells uses Nicki Minaj trivia to stump music fans. (6/17/2015)

Music News: Sound Check: The Shenanigans in Brooklyn Continue

Majah Hype stumps Brooklynites... again. (6/16/2015)

Music News: Sound Check: Are You Down With the Clique?

These fans try to match musicians to their music crews. (6/12/2015)

Music News: Sound Check: What's My Rap Name?

Brooklynites are stumped when it comes to MCs government. (6/11/2015)
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