Columbus Short

Actor As a performer, Columbus Short is as quick on his feet as he is with his mouth. That’s because he began his rise to stardom as a dancer/choreographer, crafting dance moves for Britney Spears and touring with the Broadway dance production Stomp. After he debuted on the big screen as a dancer in the 2004 classic You Got Served, he played the lead in the Black fraternity stepping film Stomp the Yard. Since then, the Los Angeles-raised Short has proven himself a serious actor to watch with memorable roles in  movies like Cadillac Records and The Losers.

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Judge Issues Arrest Warrant For Columbus Short

Scandal actor was no-show in court for domestic violence hearing.

Shonda Rhimes Reveals Columbus Short's Scandal Character Is Dead

Looks like no chance of return for Harrison Wright.

Careers Rocked by Scandal and Controversy

Columbus, OJ, Michael and more stars who never recovered.

Columbus Short: 'I Struggle With Medicating With Alcohol'

The actor opens up about his multiple arrests and sudden departure from Scandal.

Columbus Short Arrested for Public Intoxication

Scandal alum got into a fight with security guards in Dallas bar.
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