Congressional Black Caucus

Since 1971, the Congressional Black Caucus has considered itself to be the “conscience of the Congress.” Thirteen Black lawmakers who represented large cities founded the group to work collectively on African-American issues. It has since grown to include 43 members from rural and urban districts. Despite losses in the 2010 midterm election cycle that returned Democrats to the minority party, several CBC members have maintained key leadership positions, including Rep. James Clyburn, who serves as Assistant Democratic Leader.

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The Party's Over: Black Voters Must Turn Out for Themselves

The time has come for African-Americans to vote for their own interests.

BET Wire: An Ally Calls Out Obama's Leadership Skills

President Obama's "allies" accuse him of weak leadership and respondents in a national poll concur; a Republican congressional candidate uses footage from the beheading of an American journalist in a campaign ad; a second Black congressional distr...

Holder Vows to Defend Voting Rights Until His Last Day in Office

Attorney General Eric Holder remains steadfast in the fight to protect voting rights.

Brown and Garner Families Seek Help From Congress

The families are calling for swifter justice.

Praise Be the Ballot Box: CBC Launches Freedom Sundays to Turn Out Voters

African-American voters will be key players in several Democratic races.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver's District Office Hit by Molotov Cocktail

The Missouri congressman's office is vandalized a second time.
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