Eric Garner

Eric Garner, an African-American man from Staten Island, was choked to death after a New York City police officer put him in a chokehold and refused to let go. He was initially approached by Officer Justin Damico, who accused him of selling “loosies” — single cigarettes from packs without tax stamps —and after Garner expressed to the officer that he was not doing so, officers proceeded to arrest him. When Garner told the officers that he was tired of being harassed, Officer Daniel Pantaleo put his arms around his neck, applying full force, choking him in the process. The encounter was recorded on camera. Though Garner repeatedly said, “I can’t breathe,” the officer did not stop. Garner was pronounced dead one hour later at the hospital. Despite the video, the grand jury decided, on December 3, 2014, not to indict Pantaleo. (Photo: AP Photo/Family photo via National Action Network)

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