Gun Violence in Chicago

Chicago is recognized as a city of great architecture, world-famous restaurants and exciting attractions, home to talented musicians, athletes and artists. But the place known as the Windy City is also plagued with serious social problems, particularly gun violence. In 2012, there were 443 gun-related murders, outnumbering comparable murders in New York, a city with three times its population. Accredited to economic troubles, gangs and easy accessibility of firearms, the Chi’s gun problem continues to grow, terrorizing residents and often targeting the youth. The urgency of this epidemic caught the attention of President Obama, who visited the city to deliver a televised speech about gun violence and its toll on young Chicagoans. It’s also at the forefront of the national debate on gun laws, with many claiming that the city (whose residents are restricted from legally carrying firearms) exemplifies the vanity of strict gun provisions, while others declare that nationwide gun control will help stop the flow of weapons in Chicago and all cities alike. 

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Chicago Gun Violence: 9 Dead, 36 Shot This Past Weekend

This past holiday weekend, at least nine people were killed and 36 were shot in Chicago gun violence.

Running Without Fear, an Insurgent Challenges Chicago’s Mayor

Amara Enyia, a lawyer and community organizer, is running against Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and she has no concern that he is better known and better financed.

Chicago Gun Violence: 4 Dead, 36 Shot This Past Weekend

At least 36 people were shot and four were killed in Chicago this past weekend.

Chief Keef's Cousin Rapper Big Glo Shot Dead in Chicago

Rhymer, 33, gunned down in the city's Englewood area.

Police Seek Gunman in Fatal Shooting of Pennsylvania Girl, 10

Taniyah Thomas of Washington, Pa., was killed on March 31 after being shot in the head during an attempted home invasion.

Obama: We Will Get to the Bottom of Fort Hood Shooting

"We're heartbroken that something like this might have happened again," the president said.
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