Hosea Chanchez

Actor Since heading to Hollywood after high school, Hosea Chanchez's life has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. With appearances in The Shield, NCIS, and Girlfriends, Chanchez has had continued success on the TV circuit throughout his career. His most prominent role as Malik Wright on The Game has helped solidified him as a household name in prime-time television.

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The Game: Sexual Healing

Full Episode: Keira and Malik's friendly movie night takes a sexual turn. (2/26/2015)

The Game: Let’s Talk About It: The Power of Romance

The ladies can relate to The Game’s Kelly Pitts. (2/25/2015)

The Game: Sexual Healing

Recaps: Things get awkward between Malik and Keira. (2/25/2015)

The Game: Whine and Dine

Highlights: Jason's romantic dinner — foiled! (2/25/2015)

The Game: Mack Don't Slack

Highlights: Tasha Mack goes viral. (2/25/2015)

The Game: Second First Date

Jason Pitts has the club going up. (2/25/2015)
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