Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson is a notable civil rights activist, Baptist minister, one-time Democratic presidential candidate (1994) and father of Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. In the 1960s Jackson participated in the civil rights movement, marching alongside Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and serving as national director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the steering organization for the civil rights protests. After falling out with the leadership of the SCLC, Jackson founded Operation Push (later Rainbow/Push) to help further rights of underserved communities.  An international operator, Jackson has negotiated the release of Americans held captive in Cuba, Iraq and Syria.

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Helen Burns Jackson, Mother of Jesse Jackson, Dies at 92

Civil rights leader's mom was "an incredible woman blessed with a long life."

Jesse Jackson Disapproves of Daughter's Rap Dreams

Ashley Jackson wants to be a "Fleek Master," dad thinks she should focus on school.

Jesse Jackson Keeps Pressure on Silicon Valley to Diversify

Jesse Jackson renewed his call Wednesday for the technology industry to make workforce diversity as high a priority as product innovation.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Leaves Federal Prison for Halfway House

Jesse Jackson Jr. is returning to Washington, D.C., to complete his sentence.

News: Selma Anniversary Participants Get New Marching Orders

Marchers return to Selma with a new sense of purpose. (3/8/2015)
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