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Keyshia & Daniel: I Ain't Thru
Recaps: Daniel worries about hooping again; Frankie goes to rehab. - Clip (10/23/2012)
106 & Park: Keyshia Cole Talks...
Guest Rewind: Plus, the singer drops new video “She” on 106. - Clip (7/30/2014)
Bobby Jones Gospel: Heaven Sent
Recaps: The family celebrates the wedding in Hawaii. - Clip (10/9/2012)
Bobby Jones Gospel: Young At Heart...
Exclusives: Keyshia and Daniel horse around on the playground - Clip (9/24/2012)
106 & Park: Keyshia Cole Talks...
Guest Rewind: “[We co-parent]; I speak to Daniel all the time.” - Clip (10/7/2014)
BET Awards: You Gotta Love Keyshia Cole
Performance: Keyshia Cole performs her R&B hit, "Love". - Clip (6/27/2006)
Soul Train Awards: Backstage Pass
Billy Sorrells goes off backstage with the performers and presenters of Soul... - Clip (11/23/2012)
BET Awards: Last Night with Diddy...
Performance: Diddy, Keyshia Cole and Lil Kim perform "Last Night". - Clip (6/26/2007)
Music News: Notarized Behind the Scenes
This year's top artists explain why they're Notarized! - Clip (12/27/2012)
Keyshia & Daniel: I Ain't Thru
Highlights: Will Frankie go willingly into treatment? - Clip (10/23/2012)
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