Liberia is a country in West Africa that was colonized beginning in the 1820s by freed American slaves with the assistance of the American Colonization Society, an organization that believed that former slaves would have greater freedom and equality in West Africa. In 1847, Liberia became an independent nation with a government that was patterned after that of the United States. The country operated with a good deal of stability until 1980 when the government of President William Tolbert was overthrown in a bloody coup. By the end of that decade, the country was in the midst of a full-blown civil war. In the early 2000s the country’s 14-year war ended, after the deaths of 250,000 Liberians and the exodus of tens of thousands of the nation's citizens, many to the United States and Europe. In 2005, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a Harvard-educated woman with experience in international finance, was elected president, the first women elected as a head of state in Africa. She was reelected in 2011, the same year she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Ebola Crisis in West Africa Worsens, Kills More Than 500

The outbreak across Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone has become the largest on record.

A Crusading Journalist Who Won’t Stop, Even After Prison

Rodney Sieh, the publisher of Front Page Africa, is this country’s best-known investigator into government corruption.

A Liberian Rapper and a Singer Also Serve as Ambassadors

Takun J, the celebrated Hip Co artist, and Sweetz, the R&B singer, want the world to know about the vibrancy of their country’s music scene.

In Liberia, Soccer Is Bringing People Together

Liberia is seeing a resurgence in the sport known as football, with attendance and sponsorships up.

In Liberia, the Threat of Ebola Is No Laughing Matter

In Liberia, fears are mounting about the Ebola virus, which has spread from Guinea.

Commentary: Uganda's Anti-Gay Law and a Sad Blemish on Africa

Uganda has joined the list of African countries with harsh and inhumane laws on the treatment of gay citizens.
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