Lisa Vidal

Actress Since her breakthrough in 1980, Lisa Vidal has been building her resume with scores of TV and movie roles. From New York Undercover, Smith, and The Cosby Show to CSI: Miami, Law & Order and Miami Vice, the talented New Yorker has stayed hot in the industry. To this day, she keeps the credits rolling, recently playing Lauren Castro in the TV drama Grimm and co-starring in the BET original series Being Mary Jane.

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Being Mary Jane: Mary Jane Turns 39

Highlights: Mary Jane's SNC family supports her on her birthday. (11/24/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Mary Jane Splurges on Herself

Recaps: There’s no surprise party for Mary Jane. (11/24/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Kara’s Trying to Be the Best Mom

Recaps: Kara struggles to balance her career and being a mom. (11/3/2015)

Being Mary Jane: A Toast To Lisa

Highlights: Lisa’s friends say farewell. (10/27/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Kara Is Concerned About Work Relationship With Mary Jane

Kara is concerned about Mary Jane's behavior at work. (4/7/2015)

Being Mary Jane: Kara on Getting Back Into the Dating Scene

Kara says any man who wants her better be ready to chase. (3/3/2015)
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