Lupe Fiasco

Rapper/Entrepreneur Born Wasalu Muhammad Jaco in Chicago to a gourmet chef mom and an engineer dad who was a former Black Panther, Lupe Fiasco has been hailed as one of hip hop's most creatively daring voices.  Fiasco received major props for his debut single "Kick, Push."  The song's skateboarder persona provided a much-needed alternative to rap music's overwhelming preoccupation with pimps and hustlers.   The Grammy-nominated rapper hit mainstream recognition with his gold-selling second LP Lupe Fiasco's The Cool and its platinum selling single "Superstar."  He has collaborated with fellow Chitown native Kanye West, and been co-signed as a talent to watch by the likes of Jay-Z.  In addition to his trailblazing music careern, he also runs two clothing lines: Righteous Kung-Fu and Trilly & Truly. The rapper’s fifth studio album Tetsuo & Youth is scheduled for late 2014. It' includes the singles “Mission” and “Next To It,” featuring Ty Dolla Sign.

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