Michael Brown

On August 9, 2014, 18-year-old Michael Brown (known as “Big Mike” by friends and family) was shot and killed as he walked down a street in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown, though unarmed, was shot multiple times by a Ferguson police officer. He had just graduated high school and was set to begin college at Vatterott College the Monday following his murder. Brown’s unjust killing has sparked an outrage throughout the African-American community and the wider American community alike. Protests took place nationwide for the slain teen. In addition, there were riots in the teen’s home town, with police turning on protesters and journalists with tear gas and rubber bullets.

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What's Happening in Ferguson, Missouri?

Two days before he would begin college, Michael Brown, 18, was killed Aug. 9 by Ferguson, Mo., police. The tragic death has brought the issue of police brutality back to the nation's attention. The city of Ferguson has erupted in protests and crie...

Protesters Rally Worldwide for National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

The 19th annual day of action will address recent incidences of police violence, including the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Missouri Governor Creating Group to Examine Ferguson Issues

Gov. Jay Nixon recently announced the creation of the Ferguson Commission, a group that will conduct "thorough, wide-ranging and unflinching study” on Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown.

Official Autopsy for Michael Brown Released

An autopsy released by the St. Louis County medical center shows that Michael Brown was shot in the hand at close range and that he had been using marijuana.

News: The Clergy's Clash With Police

National ministers get arrested during a heated protest. (10/17/2014)
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