Michael Jackson

Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/Actor/Humanitarian Michael Jackson was, quite simply, the greatest entertainer of all time. From his debut as a child in The Jackson 5 until his untimely death in 2009 at the age of 50, Jackson was tireless in developing his extraordinary talent. Selling an estimated 750 million albums worldwide—including his 1982 masterpiece Thriller, the biggest-selling album of all time—he also revolutionized the music video and brought dances like the moonwalk to the world. Jackson’s sound, style, movement and legacy continues to inspire artists of all genres.

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The Weeknd Has Michael Jackson's 1984 Tour Jacket

Barclays gifts "Earned It" singer a symbolic torch pass.

15 Songs For Your Halloween Playlist

As Halloween creeps up, we've given you 15 tracks to fill your goodie bags with.

Wendy Williams: Who’s Prince Jackson’s Father?

Highlights: Prince scrambles for DNA receipts. (10/28/2015)

Nick Cannon: Chris Brown is a Cross Between Tupac, Michael Jackson

Comedian is serious about the singer being a "legend."

Michael Jackson's Physician Dr. Arnold Klein Dies

The "Father of Botox" was rumored to be the father of MJ's oldest son.

Prince Jackson Hints MJ May Not Be His Father

It all started when a Twitter troll tried to bully the 18-year-old.
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