Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly

Michel Martelly was elected president of the Republic of Haiti in 2011.  Before defeating his opponent, Mirlande Manigat, in a runoff election, he was mostly known as a spirited musician who gained a following singing Haitian kompa music. He recorded as Sweet Micky, an outlandish personality who performed in wigs and wild costumes. He announced he would run for president in 2010 amid the nation's struggle to recover from the massive earthquake that killed more than 300,000.

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Haiti Takes More Steps to End Political Standoff

Under pressure from an independent commission created President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe recently stepped down from his position.

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The ex-leader who ruled by brutality and fear suffered a fatal heart attack at age 63.

Opposition Sides Allege Haiti Elections Jeopardized

Parties are complaining of exclusion and unfair advantages favoring of President Michel Martelly.

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