Mitt Romney

Politician Willard Mitt Romney is the son of a former governor of Michigan, George Romney, who followed in his father’s political footsteps by becoming governor of Massachusetts (2003–2007). He’s been successful in business, serving as CEO of a management consulting company and co-founding a private equity investment firm. He ran for Massachusetts U.S. Senate in 1994, losing to Ted Kennedy, and later ran for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. Dogged by accusations of “flip-flopping” on major issues, he lost the nomination to senator John McCain. He announced his bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination in June of 2011, emerging as an early frontrunner.

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Romney's 2012 Concession Call "Slightly Irritated" Obama

Former Obama strategist David Axelrod describes call as not very gracious.

Former GOP Nominee Romney Will Not Run for President in '16

Mitt Romney says he'll find other ways to help the country.

Republicans Worry House Race Could Hurt Diversity Effort

Candidate Daniel Donovan was the Garner grand jury prosecutor.

BET Wire: An Ally Calls Out Obama's Leadership Skills

President Obama's "allies" accuse him of weak leadership and respondents in a national poll concur; a Republican congressional candidate uses footage from the beheading of an American journalist in a campaign ad; a second Black congressional distr...

BET Wire: A President and an Armed Ex-Con Get in an Elevator...

Julia Pierson, the first woman to head the Secret Service, is forced to resign after major White House security lapses; President Obama says the intelligence community underestimated ISIS; Mitt Romney is still "sad" he's not president – and more.

BET Wire: You're Paying the Attorney to Sue Obama $500 an Hour

House Republicans have hired an attorney for their lawsuit against President Obama; Senate Democrats are anxious to get the first lady on the campaign trail; Mitt Romney may be toying with the idea of a third presidential bid; House Speaker John B...
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