Voting Rights and Redistricting

New and stricter voting laws being considered or implemented by Republican-led state legislatures threaten to disenfranchise millions of voters, including minorities, college students and senior citizens. The laws include requiring a state-issued photo identification card, limits on early voting, and stricter rules for groups that conduct voter registration drives. Supporters of the laws say they are needed to prevent voter fraud, but a Department of Justice study of all 50 states found that voter fraud is extremely rare. Opponents suspect that their true motivation is political in an effort to make voting more difficult or impossible for demographic groups that traditionally support Democrats.

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The Latest on Voting Rights and Redistricting

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Supreme Court Rejects North Carolina Appeal on Election Law

The law eliminated same-day registration during early voting.

High Court Sends Alabama Redistricting Case Back for Review

Justices divided on whether the GOP-led legislature rely too heavily on race when it redrew the state's voting districts?

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Wisconsin Voter ID Law

The voter ID will go into effect after the April 7 election.

Eric Holder: The Exit Interview

Attorney General Eric Holder talks about making history with

News: Selma Anniversary Participants Get New Marching Orders

Marchers return to Selma with a new sense of purpose. (3/8/2015)

BET News: Selma: Celebrating the Women Who Were Part of the Movement

Selma, Lord, Selma premieres Saturday at 8P/7C on Centric. (3/7/2015)
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