Rapper With over two decades of hard-core rhymes, street-influenced poetry and impeccable lyricism, it’s no wonder why Scarface is often referred to as “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.” His early days as an MC with the Geto Boys led to a rewarding solo career that earned him even more respect as an artist. Having recorded several classic albums that hip hop fans cherish to this day (like The Untouchable, The Diary and The Fix), the former president of Def Jam South is regarded by many as the greatest lyricist of all time and one of the most influential rappers to ever touch a mic. 

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The Rundown: Scarface, Deeply Rooted

Check out the play-by-play look at the Geto Boy's 12th release.

Scarface Tackles America's Race Issue in 'Mental Exorcism' Video

Rap OG pays homage to Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray and more.

Rap Videos That Address Police Brutality

Scarface and other MCs who put excessive force by police on blast in videos.

Scarface Would Rather Not Make Music for the Youth

He explains the hold up of his next solo album on The Breakfast Club.
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