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Hip Hop Awards: Must See – Inside...
Highlights: James Lipton quizzes Snoop on his acting career. - Clip (10/15/2013)
Hip Hop Awards: Diddy Wears the Crown
Performance: Watch the throne on this Bad Boy remix. - Clip (10/15/2013)
Hip Hop Awards: 2013 Hip Hop Awards...
Tahiry talks to hip hop's best! - Clip (9/29/2013)
Hip Hop Awards: Behind The Scenes –...
Your BTS peek at the promo spot. - Clip (9/25/2013)
Hip Hop Awards: The West Coast Cypher
Exclusives: Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg & more show how the West was won! - Clip (10/9/2012)
Hip Hop Awards: Behind the Hip Hop...
Exclusives: Snoop breaks down the science of rocking a cypher. - Clip (9/28/2012)
BET Awards: More Stars Pay Tribute...
Performance: Snoop, JT and Pharrell rep for the music legend. - Clip (6/30/2013)
BET Awards: Cadillac Lifetime...
Performance: Jamie and Stevie perform some of Charlie's classic hits. - Clip (6/30/2013)
BET Experience: No Guns Allowed –...
Snoop, T.I. and others on gun violence. (Re-air) - Full Episode (6/29/2013)
BET Experience: Inside BET...
Highlights from the festival, including Bow Wow & Fan Fest! - Clip (6/29/2013)
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