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The era-defining label known as Death Row Records housed some of hip hop’s biggest names, including Snoop Dogg, Tupac and co-founder Dr. Dre. Not only is Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight famous for co-founding the historic label and morphing the careers of legendary MCs, but he’s infamous for his never ending run-ins with the law, intimidation tactics and violent behavior, most notably his involvement in the infamous East Coast-West Coast rivalry. The murders of both Big and Pac created speculations about Suge’s involvement, with several sources claiming that the former football star orchestrated both murders (a charge that has caused tension between Knight and Snoop Dogg, who’s openly accused him of Tupac’s death on several occasions). After filing for bankruptcy and selling the once-untouchable Death Row, he went on to create a new label called Black Kapital. In recent years, the former music mogul continues to populate blogs and flood news headlines for his street battles and legal issues. On August 24, 2014, Knight was shot six times at a pre-Video Music Awards party, hosted by Chris Brown in Los Angeles. He refused to cooperate with law enforcement on the incident.

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Murder trial delayed after adding fourth defense attorney.

Suge Knight Returns to Court After Taking a Sick Day

Lawyer fights for dismissal of case after one victim refuses to identify Death Row Records co-founder.

Suge Knight Refuses to Leave Cell for Court Hearing

Knight says he's sick, judge delays robbery case.

Snoop Dogg: I Feel Sorry for Suge Knight

Uncle Snoop talks making peace with ex-Death Row leader, and why he would never "kick a man when he's down."

Suge Knight: Don’t Touch My Tupac Bullet or I’ll Die

Music mogul won’t let doctors remove fragments lodged in his skull.

Floyd Mayweather: I’m Not Paying Suge Knight’s Bail

Money Mayweather won't be forking over funds to help former rap mogul.
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