The Road to the White House

The 2012 presidential election could once again be historic if American voters re-elect its first Black president.  For now, at least, if's a big if.  President Obama is personally popular, but the public is unsure whether he's got what it takes to restore the nation to economic health.  The Republican presidential field offers a stark contrast as each candidate tries to be more conservative than the other — a factor that might actually help Obama.  Bookmark this page as your go-to place for all the news you need about know as the race to the White House heats up:  Who trips, who falls and who's sprinting ahead of the pack and why.  Plus, check out @BETvote on twitter for extra election coverage.
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Romney's 2012 Concession Call "Slightly Irritated" Obama

Former Obama strategist David Axelrod describes call as not very gracious.

Praise Be the Ballot Box: CBC Launches Freedom Sundays to Turn Out Voters

African-American voters will be key players in several Democratic races.

The Greying of Obama: The President Turns 53

A celebration of the last seven years of President Obama in the public eye.

Mia Love Crushes Competition to Win GOP Congressional Primary

The former Utah mayor could become the first Black Republican woman elected to Congress.

Rep. James Clyburn Calls on Obama to Step Up for Dems in the Midterms

Rep. James Clyburn asks President Obama for operational assistance.
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