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The wealth gap and expanding wealth inequality are troublesome for the African-American community. The median household net worth for whites was $110,729 in 2010, versus $4,995 for Blacks, according to the Census Bureau. In this new personal finance section, presented by Fifth Third Bank, BET.com will do its part to help shrink the gap and help African-Americans save and grow wealth. Check back every Wednesday for more information on credit, debt, saving and investing and the path to successful homeownership — all strategies that will help you grow your wealth and help build a solid financial legacy for generations to come.

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Wealth Wednesday Quiz

Test your knowledge about building wealth with this 10-question true-or-false quiz.

Wealth Wednesday Q&A: Stacey Tisdale

Financial expert and author Stacey Tisdale spells out the basics of creating a wealth-building plan that endures.

Wealth Wednesday: Four Ways to Start Building Wealth Today

Ryan Mack offers up strategies to start accumulating wealth and planning for your future.

Buying Your Next Car: New, Used or CPO?

Wealth Wednesday: Six strategies to keep in mind when you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Wealth Wednesday: Making and Sticking to a Budget

Seven ways to create a household budget that actually sticks.

Financial Literacy: Savings and Investing

Wealth Wednesday: How to start saving and investing your hard-earned cash.
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