Rapper Yolanda Whittaker, famously known as Yo-Yo, is a Grammy-nominated rapper and actress from Compton. She is best known for her 1991 hit "You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo," from her debut album Make Way for the Motherlode. An Ice Cube protégé, Yo-Yo brought feminine fever to the hip hop scene in a way that balanced the strength of a woman with the hard edge of a gangsta rapper. She has also had a successful acting career in film and TV, as she has appeared in Boyz n tha Hood, Menace II Society and Martin. In 2008, Yo-Yo gave a highly-anticipated performance of "You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo" at the BET Hip Hop Awards. She also shared the stage with fellow legendary rappers MC Lyte, The Lady of Rage and Salt-N-Pepa.

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