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Face to Face: Gilbere Forte'
Exclusive: Jabari takes a spin around NYC with Gilbere Forte' - Web Original (6/30/2011)
Face to Face: Emilio Rojas
Exclusive: Jabari sits with young MC Emilo Rojas. Emilo shares his... - Web Original (6/14/2011)
Music News: Maybach Music
Behind-the-Scenes: BET Digital follows Maybach Music during their visit to 106... - Clip (6/8/2011)
Face To Face: Neako
Exclusive: Jabari catches up with Neako and talks about his Jersey upbringing... - Clip (6/7/2011)
Face to Face: L.E.P Bogus Boys
Exclusive: Chicago's newest sensation L.E.P Bogus Boys discuss major vs... - Clip (6/7/2011)
Face to Face: Jared Evan
Exclusive: Jared Evan speaks about his new mixture "Back and Forth" and how... - Clip (6/7/2011)
Music News: Meagan sings a new tune!
Exclusive: The beautiful actress shares her excitement for "H.E.L.L.O. Girls!" - Clip (5/9/2011)
Music News: Isaiah Mustafa stars in...
Highlights: The Old Spice actor makes the transition from commercials to movies! - Clip (4/29/2011)
Music News: Snoop Dogg At Supafest
Exclusive: Snoop shows love to Hip Hop’s fallen at Supafest in Australia. - Clip (4/29/2011)
Music News: Cam’ron and Vado
Highlights: The duo clears rumors about the movie “Juice” and talk about... - Clip (4/29/2011)
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