SWV – Lady of Soul Playlist

Here's a playlist featuring SWV's most sultry songs.

This is a story of love through your favorite soul records from SWV.

  1. Know Your Place

    Relationships always have their ups and downs, but if the love is real, it never fades! Times can get hard, but sometimes it's worth it to stick it out and figure out how to best address your issues.

    So find out if he's in it for the long haul or if he's just playing games.

  2. BreakUp

  3. Single and Ready to Mingle

    You'rv finally pulled yourself up by the bootstraps and have resurrected from your breakup slump.

    You're ready to play the field! You're out on the town, tearing up the clubs and lounges meeting nice guys, but no one has been good enough to really steal your heart or capture your attention.

  4. Crushin' On You

    Just when you thought love couldn't be more intangible, you stumble across a guy who checks off all the boxes on your list.

    Does he challenge your mind? Yes.

    Do your knees get weak when he looks your way? Yes.

    Do you think of him from time to time throughout your day? Absolutely yes!

    Cross your fingers and send up prayers because you may have finally met your match.

  5. Fantasizing

    You can't get this guy out of your head! You keep denying that you're crushing on this guy even though he's all you think of. Your girls even constantly tease you saying that he's your man.

    Now all you can do is dream...

  6. It's Official!

    You finally came to the overly obvious conclusion: you're head over heels into this guy and you can't deny it anymore — and neither can he. So now you guys are officially dating. 

  7. Nothing Like the First Time

  8. Passion is rising and you think it may be the right time to take your intimacy to the next level.

  9. You're the One, Baby

    You guys have been dating for a quite a while now and things are getting pretty serious. You've met each other's parents, gone away on vacations, live together and now are in talks of marriage.

    Sounds like he may be the one!

  10. Forever and Always

    The day has come! You've made it official and you both have vowed to have that "forever and always" love.

    It's no light commitment, but you're both down and have so much love to give.

    The two of you have big plans ahead, whether it be just being a loyal partner or having kids, you guys have it mapped out and the best part is you can do it together.

  11. King Appreciation #MCM

    Keep love alive by always appreciating the great man you have by your side. #KingandQueenLove #BaeGoals #RelationshipGoals #BlackLove

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