'Sistas' Ep. 16 Recap: You Are Not The Father, But...

Elaine pulls on Zac's work badge flirtatiously

'Sistas' Ep. 16 Recap: You Are Not The Father, But...

Helena confesses she set Zac up, but that's not all she has to confess...

Published February 20th

Written by BET Staff

Paternity tests, office ambushes and more dark confessions - whew! Tonight's episode of Sistas brought some good news for some, and bad news for others. On the latest episode, we see Andi (KJ Smith), Karen (Ebony Obsidian), Sabrina (Novi Brown)  and (Mignon Von) go through all of their individual woes in their love lives, with the exception of Dani,  who still appears to be caught up in the rodeo with her new boy toy.

Check out the recap below!

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  1. ANDI

    "You're too special to be a side chick."

    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 116. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    As though Andi's life wasn't complicated enough.

    After a hectic love triangle gone all the way wrong, Andi gets called in by her firm to have a meeting with Jasmine and Gary, and everything is laid out on the table. Along with the conflicting business interest Andi's affair with Gary brought to her career, she finds out that Morris, the handsome lawyer she ran into at the club the other night, is representing Jasmine. He is also out to sue Andi's firm for $10 million dollars. When Andi asks Morris later if he knew the night they met that he was going to be suing her, he admits he did.

    However, he also expresses his interest in Andi, and tells her she is too good to be any man's number two. 

  2. "You don't even get how special you are, Zac."

    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 116. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    Dani is still a fan of the rodeo and her cowboy bae (#CowBae)?

    Unfortunately, tonight's episode wasn't about Dani's budding romantic life, so much as it was about her being a third wheel to everyone else's drama. While at work, Dani confronts Zac's allegedly pregnant ex-fling, Elaina, who admits to Dani that she indeed is not pregnant by Zac, but confesses her love for him. Elaina then confesses to Zac that she "didn't expect to fall in love," with him, while offering up another confession.

    "You don't even get it. How special you are. Zac, you're a catch, but you always put yourself small." However, Elaina's sweet words fall on deaf ears, as Zac repeats he is in love with Karen, while reminding Elaina that they were nothing more than just a fling. Ouch!

  3. "I didn't know preachers could drink."

    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 116. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    Aaron comes over to Karen's house with a cleaning crew and offers to clean up her place, after his fight with Zac left her place in shambles. While there, he asks for a "hard" drink, but before he can take a sip, admits to Karen that he's been sober for seven years. Upon hearing this, Karen removes the drink from his hand, to which Aaron says, "I got sober in my marriage... How am I supposed to stay sober through her suicide?" 

    Aaron also reveals that his late wife's family is fighting for full custody of her children, and that he won't be putting up a fight for the kids. He also implies that the children may not be his, and apologizes to Karen for involving her in his mess.

  4. "It's going to take me a little more time to get over it."

    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 116. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    After the blow-up at her apartment starring Maurice, Calvin and another friend, Calvin has yet to reach out to Sabrina. However, after a visit from Calvin's adoptive father, Sabrina finds herself at odds yet again with her feelings for him.

    Meanwhile, her co-worker and friend, Maurice, attempts to get back good with Sabrina, apologizing for his drunk antics at her home, while also extending a monetary peace offering for drinking all the alcohol in her home. Sabrina accepts his apology, and the two appear to be good friends again.

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