Katt Williams On Colin Kaepernick: ‘We Always Let That Guy Get Killed’

Katt Williams On Colin Kaepernick: ‘We Always Let That Guy Get Killed’

History says he's not wrong.

Published December 19, 2017

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2017 has been a roller-coaster year, but there have been more highs than lows. During a recent Facebook Live to promote his movie Father FiguresKatt Williams played a game of rapid response themed around some of the bigger moments and events of the year. Never one to hold his tongue, the veteran comedian had some very candid things to say about the stories that made the world go 'round. Peep some of his reflections below.

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  1. Jay-Z and Beyoncé Having Twins

    It’s just magnificent. It’s exactly what we would’ve thought the story called for, you know what I’m saying? In this story, the ruffian marries the beautiful princess and they make things work and then they have a baby. Well, how do you one-up that? With the twins. These people have time and time again delivered for us in an almost fantasy type of way, and we’re all thankful. I think all of their moves have been strategic and marvelous. She has to have these twins and then somehow bounce back to her true performance form. This guy has to go from being the father of one to the father three and yet be able to bounce back and drop 4:44 on you while talking about that. These are the things these superhero couples are able to accomplish, and we appreciate it.

  2. Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Movement

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    I think it served to be as double-sided as we thought it was. The guy that stands up and says "This is wrong, we can’t just let this go by." We always let that guy get killed — literally or figuratively. Whether it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcolm X… they always manage to cut the head off. It’s about the movement that follows. So it’s sad that he had to be a martyr, woke to what the situation is. He has to know that while he’s kneeling, that means he might not never play the game that he loves again because of that stance he’s willing to make. He was absolutely right and we let it happen in front of us. We’re proud of what it was that he tried to do. We understood that it was going to be misunderstood, and it was. And we understood that somebody was going to have to pay for those ramifications and they did. That’s what all of us face anytime we’re trying to stand up for anything.

  3. Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'Oir's Wedding

    Isn’t that how the story should go? Guy gets locked up, guy comes out, he’s made positive changes that you all said he should make and now he’s living out what his just due already was. He had already put the work in. This is us being able to see somebody that we all watched get downtrodden, we’re watching this same person on the opposite end of that and that’s what all good stories are made of anyway.

    The Wopsters

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  4. Dave Chappelle’s Return To Standup

    We’ve missed him collectively. We missed his presence in the stand-up realm, and it’s certainly not a good enough Band-aid to erase the fact that this is still now 11 or 12 years we haven’t seen Dave in film or anything on TV. 

  5. Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Beef

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    I know women better than I know any other subject. And what you are asking me is why do women beef in this circle? That’s how women operate. That’s not outside of a woman’s realm. It’s only improper when men act like that. That’s where our society is. That’s inherent that women would have that competition. Women are held to a higher standard by themselves and by other women, so that’s part of their interaction.


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