King Keraun Gets “Spicy” About A Man’s Right To His Own Soap

King Keraun Gets “Spicy” About A Man’s Right To His Own Soap

Watch the BET@ host in the latest Old Spice body wash spot with Deon Cole.

PUBLISHED ON : MARCH 4, 2019 / 08:51 AM

Written by BET Staff

King Keraun, Instagram star and host of BET@, remembers the moment when the soap he used finally mattered. “I got my braces off when I was 16 and the girls at school went wild over my perfect teeth. I needed to smell good, too, so I had to sneak my mother’s body wash.”

It’s a confession that most men can relate to. You’re in the shower trying to go beyond the usual splash-n-dash and the soap you’ve been using just isn’t cutting it. So, you “borrow” the body wash from one of the women in your house to give your skin the attention it deserves. However, this inevitably leads to cold water conflicts that can leave fragile relationships swirling down the drain.

"Group Chat"

Thankfully, science and commerce have evolved to give men body washes specially made for us, and Keraun joins Deon Cole in Old Spice’s “Men Have Skin Too” campaign, promoting their Fresher Collection. In the first four installments, Cole evangelizes to his wife (played by Gabrielle Dennis) and his friend (played by Thomas Q. Jones) about the need for men to have their own body wash. In the fifth installment, called “Group Chat,” Cole confides in his buddies about his wife’s sins of the suds only to find out that one of them has been violating his Castile Commandments.

“We are tired of using our ladies’ products to smell fresh as possible and get the benefits like moisturizing and exfoliation. We need our own,” says Keraun, who hides his Old Spice from his lady but doesn’t think things have to be adversarial. “I would tell all men that if you can learn from a woman how to properly and safely groom yourself, do it. That’s what I did.”

As for real-life group chats, Keraun has the most fun trading jokes and emojis with his friends Christopher, Brannon, Melvin, Davetrick, Duchesne, Jae and Mark. “We talk about everything from sports and entertainment to politics, fine women and each other’s style and grooming habits—or lack of!”

We're sure Keraun is schooling his less informed brethren about the wonders of exfoliation. Watch him in the latest spot for Old Spice Fresher Collection.

Photo Credit: Old Spice


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