'Sistas' Ep. 21 Recap: Things Take A Turn For The Worse

Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 121. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

'Sistas' Ep. 21 Recap: Things Take A Turn For The Worse

A loved one dies and another sista's life is on the line.

Published March 26th

Written by Soraya Joseph

In the most recent episode of Sistas, things take a suspenseful turn as it is revealed that Maurice's health is less than stellar. Meanwhile, Karen (Ebony Obsidian) finds herself in a life-threatening position after Aaron's mother-in-law stops by her salon, in an effort to avenge Fawn's death.

Check out the nerve-racking recap below, and find out what's happening with Andi (KJ Smith), Sabrina (Novi Brown) and Danni (Mignon Von) now!

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    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 121. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)



    "He died."

    Sabrina and Calvin make amends at the hospital as she offers up her support for his ailing father. While the two are together in the waiting room, Calvin's other father comes over to them, to reveal that his partner -  Calvin's dad - has just passed away. Calvin bursts into tears, and proceeds to run out of the waiting room. Danni proceeds to make jokes about Calvin's "twinkle toed" run, which makes both Karen and Andi laugh, but ultimately upsets Sabrina, who reminds Danni that Calvin's father has just passed away. Sabrina walks away from the group to go find Calvin, and promises to never break his heart.

    Later, Sabrina is called in by a doctor to see Maurice. The good news is that Maurice is still alive. The bad news, however, is that he is in a medically induced coma. Sabrina proceeds to talk to Maurice while he is in a comatose state, and apologizes for giving his number out to a stranger, while promising Maurice that his attacker is going to "get his" karma.


  2. KAREN
    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 121. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    "Is this where my daughter shot herself?"

    Karen's mom, Lisa, stops by her salon, after Karen's receptionist, Pam, gives Lisa a call to fill her in on Karen's recent drama. While the mother and daughter duo are catching up, Aaron's former mother-in-law (and the late Fawn's mom), walks into the salon, and proceeds to drag Karen's name through the mud, in front of all the customers. Lisa proceeds to defend Karen's honor, while making it clear that Karen and Aaron never slept with one another. However, Fawn's mother claims she doesn't believe Karen or her mother, while asking Karen, 'Is this where my daughter shot herself?'

    Moments later, Fawn's mother proceeds to draw a handgun out of her purse, and to everyone's horror, proceeds to point it at both Karen and her mother. Yikes!


  3. DANNI
    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 121. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    "You're a racist!"

    While the girls are at the hospital, Danni confesses that she slept with her cowboy-bae (who she has nicknamed "Rodeo") and that he has not called her since. Danni tells Karen and Andi, "I let him hit it, and now he's not calling," while asking the girls whether or not they think Rodeo enjoyed the ride. Seeing that Danni is distraught, Andi offers her a ride back home.

    When Danni arrives at her place, she finds Zac at her kitchen table, and she yells at him for eating her food, while also calling all men users. Later, Zac finds Danni at the kitchen table, scrolling through Rodeo's social media page, and calls her out on it. Danni then asks Zac for his advice on men and relationships, and Zac puts her on to a bit of game, but at the expense of bruising Danni's ego a bit.


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  4. ANDI
    Still from BET's "Sistas" episode 121. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

    "Gary, your wife and Morris are having an affair"

    When Andi gets home, she is surprised to find Gary there. Gary tells Andi that he is surprised his charges were dropped, and that he didn't have to post bail. Andi confesses that she persuaded Morris to do so after a trip to his office. When Gary asks Andi how she managed to convince Morris to drop the charges against him, she reveals that Gary's wife, Jasmine, is having an affair with Morris. Gary immediately expresses his anger at the situation, but not at the affair itself, but because of what he feels is Jasmine's hypocrisy towards him having his own affair with Andi.

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