Why Hip-Hop Reigns Supreme In The 'TAG' Movie Soundtrack

Why Hip-Hop Reigns Supreme In The 'TAG' Movie Soundtrack

“It’s evocative of our generation’s childhood.”

Published June 15, 2018

Written by Jerry L. Barrow

In the comedy TAG, a group of childhood friends are fighting to maintain their tradition of a game of tag that has spanned decades. The soundtrack to the film is a Gen-Xer’s dream with The Pharcyde, A Tribe Called Quest, Ice-T and more 90’s hip-hop staples filling out the play list. But why is hip-hop so prominent and important to telling this story?

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Ed Helms On Hip-Hop

“A lot of the music in the movie is of a time. It’s evocative of our generation’s childhood and the music that we listened to as kids and teenagers,” says Ed Helms, who plays Hoagie. “It works. For me, hearing that music in the movie takes me back. And it’s kind of sad too to realize that there is so much music from days gone by that you just don’t hear enough. I’m psyched the movie brings back a lot of that good stuff.”

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“Growing up in the MTV era that’s all you listened to,” adds Jon Hamm, who plays Callahan. “You had to run home from school, if you were lucky enough to have cable, just to watch Yo! MTV raps. Half a generation after us had TRL, but my generation it was Yo! MTV raps and that’s where you got all your information. You didn’t have the internet and the radio you listened to was local…so all the stuff was from the neighborhood you grew up in. So the idea of getting exposed to any of that other stuff was great. That was of the era. And I think most people get imprinted on a certain style of music when they’re that age and it kind of sticks with them.”

TAG is in theaters now!

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