Tyler Perry's 'The Oval' Episode 6 Recap: 'Lab Rats'

Still from BET's "The Oval" episode 106. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)

Tyler Perry's 'The Oval' Episode 6 Recap: 'Lab Rats'

The pharmacy where Sharon works isn't quite what it appears to be.

PUBLISHED ON : NOVEMBER 28, 2019 / 10:09 AM

Written by Starr Rocque

We are six episodes deep into The Oval. If you’re still riding, then it’s safe to assume you’re into it, right? Of course! So let’s get into it.

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  1. Tonight’s episode begins at the pharmacy where Sharon works. Basically, Sharon’s ex, Kareem, owns the pharmacy, and he wants to get back with her, but she’s not having it.  While she does defend Barry against the negative things Kareem keeps bringing up, you can tell she’s thinking about it. It doesn’t help when Barry walks into the pharmacy at the tail-end of their conversation and goes off on everyone. Barry attempts to quit for Sharon then literally tries to drag her out of there. Kareem steps to Barry in Sharon’s defense, and then Barry and Kareem start brawling. It’s a hot mess. Like, we get that Barry is struggling because his daughter is still missing, but he is trying it! 

    Barry manages to get out of there before the police come through, luckily for him. Because it turns out they were planning to pick him up anyway. They won’t tell Sharon why, though, but it might have something to do with the fact that they think he killed Ruth. We won’t know for sure this episode, though.  

    It gets even more bananas later on when Barry gets a tip from his cousin Pick that Kareem is actually a drug dealer and that the pharmacy is a front! Apparently, everyone in the hood knows this, and Sharon is in on it too. She allegedly does the cutting. Barry is all shocked and claims he’s done with Sharon for good without fact checking a thing. And we won’t find out where this goes in this episode, so we’ll have to wait to see. 

    Still from BET's "The Oval" episode 106. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)
  2. Next, we are in Gayle’s bedroom. Remember, she has been trying to go see Picky, but her plans were thwarted last week when her mother tased her. This week, her brother, Jason, comes creeping into her room — because creeping is what he does best — with a plan. In fact, his creeping habit is how he knows there are secret tunnels in the White House. So he devises a plan for her to sneak out. But first, they need to get their parents to fight as a distraction. Hold that thought. 

    Back to Jason. He finds Jean, the maid he has been lurking around, and starts asking her several nosy questions about whether her car was gray or not, and if it had a certain school sticker on it. She’s good at not answering at first but eventually confirms which car is hers. She then asks him how he even had any idea what her car looked like, and he straight up told her that he was on the roof, lurking with some binoculars. Jean miraculously keeps her poker face, even though this is quite disturbing, and manages to leave this weirdo kid to his own devices. We find out later that he needed those details for his plan to get Gayle out of the house to work. You’ll see where this is going in a minute. 


    Still from BET's "The Oval" episode 106. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)
  3. Next, we find Donald unsuccessfully attempting to get Hunter to actually do his job. Hunter brushes off all business matters, and then Victoria and Lilly interrupt their chat. The latter two are back from their shopping trip. Eventually, Lilly and Donald leave Hunter and Victoria alone, and Victoria gets her moment to tell Hunter that she beat his side chick’s a**. In this moment, Hunter realizes that this is why the side chick hasn’t returned her calls. Obviously, Victoria runs the show. This becomes clear when she tells him that she’s protecting what’s hers. The White House is hers, in case you weren’t clear. She could care less about Hunter. 

  4. Back to the White House demon spawns, Jason and Gayle. They manage to instigate a fight between their parents, like they mentioned earlier. Basically, they tell Hunter that their mom tased Gayle, which is true, but Hunter is clearly never around for anything.

    Anyway, Hunter gets pissed, finds Victoria and goes off on her. When Hunter confronts Victoria about tasing Gayle, she replies that she tased Gayle “like she was a Black man on the street.” Wow. Anyway, Victoria and Hunter start throwing hands, and objects, again. It’s another knock-down, drag-out fight, and just the diversion Gayle needed to sneak out.

    Y’all, this fight gets so raucous that Victoria runs into a wall and knocks herself out! EPIC! So, with the secret service occupied, Gayle throws on a terrible wig, sneaks into the trunk of Jean’s car and manages to sneak out undetected. 


    Still from BET's "The Oval" episode 106. (Photo: Charles Bergmann/BET/Tyler Vision, LLC)
  5. Gayle finds Picky, and he whisks her inside his stash house just in case anyone followed her. Gayle is happy to report that she snuck out and thinks no one is trailing her. It was a smart plan, but Picky asks the million dollar question: How is she going to get back in? She didn’t think that through, so Picky urges her to go back as soon as possible because he does not want the secret service on him. Gayle says she’ll leave, but not without smoking first and getting some D!

    We’ve established that Gayle is 16, but Picky is clearly a grown a** man; why does he think it’s cute to sleep with a 16-year-old girl? Sigh.  

    Next, we end the episode back in the White House, establishing that the apples obviously don’t fall far from the tree. Victoria is with a secret service agent. He’s patching her up after that nasty self-inflicted knock out, but she’s more concerned with getting some peen. He turns her down at first, but she’s persistent, and the last thing we see before the episode ends is Vikki on her knees, unbuttoning his pants. 

    We’ll have to wait to see just how far this goes next week! 

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