[Watch] You Must See Keegan-Michael Key's Hilarious Prince Impression

[Watch] You Must See Keegan-Michael Key's Hilarious Prince Impression

Listen up, the comedian's giving detailed instructions.

Published April 27, 2016

The passing of music legend Prince took many by surprise, and to commemorate his impact in the entertainment industry, several have paid tribute to him since his death. The latest to do so is comedian Keegan-Michael Key, who gave us an exclusive demonstration on how to correctly do an impression of The Purple One.

"There's a two step thing. All you have to do is touch your nipples and go like this," he said while moving his hands from his chest down to his thighs in slow motion. "This is all you have to do for Prince."

He even added some sound effects in there: "You have to make that sound, start at the nips and move down like this and that's all you've got to do. Everything else, if I tried to impersonate him, would be a disaster."

The comedian went on to add that Prince was unlike any other performer out there, saying that a particular other deceased legend came close: "He's always outside the box," he said. "So free and loose and precise at the same time and he might be the only person that ever did that. James Brown was close but didn't do what Prince could do."

Keegan's comedic partner, Jordan Peele, also chimed in, adding that the "Kiss" crooner had a major influence on their careers: "He's the exact kind of artist that Keegan and I look up to."

Check out the interview, below and their new film, Keanu, is in theaters this Friday.

(Photos from left: Rob Kim/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival, Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)

Written by John Justice


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