Wait a Minute: Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Expecting a Baby?

Wait a Minute: Are Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Expecting a Baby?

Rumors are flying.

Published May 19, 2016

If recent rumors are true, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are better at keeping secrets than Jay Z and Beyoncé.

According to sources, the never-confirmed couple have not only been expertly hiding their relationship for years, they're now four months pregnant with their first child.

But the alleged baby news doesn't mean things are going great for the couple. Apparently, they've also called off their wedding and are on the verge of breaking up. A "source" tells OK! magazine that Jamie is the one who asked to postpone the wedding.

“Everything was going so well,” the insider claims. “But with this latest development, it’s understandable that Katie would start to feel insecure about the relationship. And she definitely wouldn’t want to raise another child on her own, as she’s been forced to do with Suri since she left Tom [Cruise].

“They love each other and everyone says they are really good together,” the insider explains. “Katie just has to get over this stumbling block. It’s the first real issue they’ve had, and while it’s a big one, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.” 

Now, we're not believing any of this until we either see a bump or hear it from the rumored couple themselves — and knowing them, they aren't likely to talk until they absolutely have to. In fact, reps for both actors flat out denied the rumors, with Jamie's daying he was "never engaged" and Katie's calling the reports "categorically untrue."

Believe them, or nah? 

Watch Jamie and his co-star Channing Tatum talk about their action flick White House Down in a throwback clip from 106 & Park, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from left: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images, Mike Windle/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)


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