Amber Rose Breaks Her Silence About Latest Kim Kardashian Feud

Amber Rose Breaks Her Silence About Latest Kim Kardashian Feud

Are Kanye's ex and his wife ready to go another round?

Published June 13, 2016

Just when it seemed like the feud was coming to an end, Amber Rose came dangerously close to reigniting the beef she has with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and just about everyone in the entire Kardashian family.

In an interview that went live earlier today, Rose once again found herself with the Kardashians name in her mouth.

This is not the first round of this bout by any means, but her comments made it clear that no amount of selfies and retweets will erase her feelings about the family.

“But let’s face it. The only reason these girls have a career is because their older sister had a little fun on tape," she reiterated in the interview.

Kanye fell victim to her wrath as well, when Amber defended herself, and women all over the world against slut-shaming. “I deal with talk like that every day,” she says. “I recently dealt with that when my ex (Kanye) said he had to take 30 showers after he’d been with me. We were happy when we were together and now I’m getting slut-shamed because we’re not anymore... and it’s unfair,” she said. “I’m sick of it... and I’m here for my girls.” 

The internet had a field day wondering if the gloves were back on, but Rose quickly took to Twitter to dead the notion that she and Kim — or any of the Kardashians — are back in fisticuffs:

The Kardashian-West-Jenner cohort may feel the need to respond to these statements, but there's no doubt Amber will ultimately have the last word on her talk show, which launches in just a few weeks on VH1. Get the deets with BET Breaks, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from left: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images, Vivien Killilea/Getty Images)


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