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Does Will Smith Encourage His Sons to Cheat on Their Girlfriends?

Does Will Smith Encourage His Sons to Cheat on Their Girlfriends?

He admits to giving some really bad advice.

PUBLISHED ON : JUNE 21, 2016 / 01:07 PM

Will Smith is known to be a great dad and devoted husband, so it certainly took us by surprise when he admitted to giving some pretty shady dating advice to his eldest son Trey.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions advertising conference in France, Smith recounted a time when Trey, 23, came to him for advice while he was on a break from his longtime girlfriend. It's not entirely clear what kind of advice Trey was looking for from his dad, but based on Smith's response, we're guessing it has to do with whether or not it was okay to date other people while on a break.

"Just cheat!" was Smith's suggestion, according to Page Six.

Smith recounted the anecdote as part of a larger conversation about "cheating" audiences into seeing crappy movies (he used his own hit Wild, Wild West as an example) and said his son's response to his dating advice taught him that the "smoke and mirrors" tactic of marketing is no longer plausible.

“Dude, cheating is over,” explaining that technology has made it impossible to go anywhere without being seen — and, in the case of moviegoing, bad reviews spread like wildfire just minutes after the screen goes dark on opening day.

Interesting. Sounds like Will has learned that cheating doesn't pay in either love or cinema. 

See Will and his beautiful family at the Dear Mama special on BET Breaks, above.

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