Kim Kardashian's Ex Planning an Epic Revenge?

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Kim Kardashian's Ex Planning an Epic Revenge?

He wasn't happy with something Kanye said.

Published June 24, 2016

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Kim Kardashian may be in some hot water with one of her exes thanks to her husband's loose words. According to Radar Online, on an episode of Kocktails With Khloé, Kanye spoke on how he dissuaded Kim from going through with a relationship by sending her pictures of fallen ballers.

The man 'Ye was trying to get Kim to leave was none other than her ex-husband Kris Humphries.

"I wasn't up to anything and I looked on the internet, and there was [Kim] with some extremely tall person," Kanye said on the episode. "I was like, 'I need to call her or something.'"

He explained that he started sending the reality star photos to make her change her mind about spending the rest of her life with the NBA star.

"I started sending her pictures of, like, certain basketball players that used to be cool that now they wear their pants all the way up to here," he said. "Like, 'This is your future.'"

Of course, Kanye got his way as he and Kim are now married with two kids. Kris, however, is fuming at Kanye's malicious plan and wants to get even.

"Kris has way more dirt on Kim than anyone realizes," an insider told Radar. "She told him all the family secrets when they were together... They had a deal to stay quiet about each other, but now he's saying she broke her word by speaking via Kanye so he's entitled to do the same."

The source also claims Kris is currently weighing his legal options "with the goal in mind of doing a full TV sit down and even a book that would hang Kim Kardashian and her family out to dry."

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Written by John Justice

(Photo: Clint Brewer / Splash News)


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