Tara Wallace Ripped for Arguing the Definition of a 'Baby Mama' and 'Embarrassing' Black Women

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 28:  Tara Wallace appears at the VH1 "Love & Hip Hop" Season 4 Premiere at Stage 48 on October 28, 2013 in New York City.  (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Vh1)

Tara Wallace Ripped for Arguing the Definition of a 'Baby Mama' and 'Embarrassing' Black Women

The Love & Hip Hop: New York star had a tragic day on social media.

Published June 29, 2016

Love & Hip Hop star Tara Wallace is in a complicated situation with her ex-husband, Peter Gunz, whose baby she's currently carrying, and his new wife, Amina Buddafly, who's also carrying Peter's baby right now. 

Understandably, she's had to do a lot of explaining and defending herself on social media, and decided to drop some "knowledge" on her followers yesterday about the difference between a "Baby Mama" and a "Mother of Your Child."

Here's how she breaks it down, in case you're wondering:


Predictably, her followers are not here for any of this. Tara got dragged by fans for her questionable distinction: "Tyra you have to except [sic] the fact that you just stayed too long with a man who disrespected you.Life ain't over,Hell forgive yourself.Move on and get you a husband," wrote one person. Another added, "If she can put a post up like this disrespectful s**t to all black women then she can defend herself why y'all getting mad at each other over a chick that cares nothing but y'all being baby mommas smh. The guilt is real." A third follower wrote, "@iamtarawallace black women are the only ones called 'baby mama'? Your [sic] not serious are you? I can't with you."

When Tara responded to the backlash by reminding everyone that she has two degrees and is a "self-published" author, the clap back only continued: "Lol It Amaze Me How You Saying You Have Two Degrees Justify You Been Stupid. If you don't want People Commenting on your life. Get off T.V.," one follower wrote.

Welp. Looks like Tara just needs to back away slowly from this one. Meanwhile, big changes are coming to the Love & Hip Hop franchise. Get the scoop on who you might see on the show in the near future with BET Breaks, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photos from left: FayesVision/WENN.com, Brian Ach/Getty Images for Vh1)


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