Lamar Odom May Have Finally Hit Rock Bottom

Lamar Odom May Have Finally Hit Rock Bottom

Also, find out the alleged reason he hasn't gotten help.

Published July 25, 2016

Lamar Odom's family was so concerned for his health that they staged a surprise intervention this weekend. Though it didn't quite work in their favor, it seems as it made some kind of impact as Lamar is reportedly contemplating going to rebab.

According to Extra, Lamar's aunt, JaNean Mercer, his kids, and his ex-wife Liza Morales, all attempted to get him to board a plane to begin rehabilitation treatment at the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center in St. Cloud, Florida, after putting together an intervention this past weekend.

They were committed to getting him the help he needs after seeing his downward spiral worsen with time, and even got the help of Darryl Strawberry, himself.

Ron Dock, the certified addicition and recovery specialist Lamar's family hired spoke to Page Six about what went down and even revealed the person who he feels is keeping the NBA star from cleaning up his act.

"[Odom] was supposed to come to the house — had his family there," he said. "The main focus was going to be his son and daughter. I had them write letters and they were going to submit the letters to their father explaining their feelings about his behavior. It was all set in place until this negative energy came. For [his friend's] own selfish motives, sabotage the intervention."

Dock said the unnamed friend is the one who ultimately dissuaded Lamar from accepting what his family was trying to do. They reportedly grew up in Queen together.

"I think some people want people around you to keep you sick so they can get what they want from you," Dock said. "I believe this is the case here... I think this guy just kept us away from him. He's a very ugly person. If anything happens to Lamar, I would blame that energy right there.

Though the family has no official comment for now, here's to hoping Lamar does what's right for him and his health.

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Written by John Justice

(Photo: Jackson Lee/Splash News)


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