Did This 'Love & Hip Hop' Couple Actually Survive Reality TV?

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Did This 'Love & Hip Hop' Couple Actually Survive Reality TV?

It looks like they defied the odds.

Published August 18, 2016

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Too often, reality TV couples tend to fall apart before our eyes, but it seems as one of them made it through the fire — and down the altar — with one-half of the couple turning over a new leaf in the name of love.

The couple that survived reality TV is none other than Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast members Ray J and Princess Love.

Speaking with People about putting his days as a player behind him, Ray J said he is glad to have a fresh start with his new wife.

"The main thing for me is just her being happy," he said. "I had my fun and I survived it. A lot of people don't survive. They get caught up in it."

Ray J also admitted to being "a little bitty cheater" in the past, but says he is now "ready for the next chapter in life." 

So, what was the singer's motivation to grow up? His wife: "I decided to just change up for her and it's been great," he said about giving up alcohol. "It's been a 360-degree turnaround without the alcohol. I changed up my environment and started to become the person that I felt was the best me I could be."

As for his fans, he hopes they can appreciate the new and improved Ray J, who's done with the sleazy life. He's grown now: "I just hope people could just kind of move on," he said. "I hope people can see a lot more substance... I'm at a peaceful place."

See who's the newest addition to the Love & Hip-Hop franchise in the BET Breaks video above.

Written by John Justice

(Photo: VH1)


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