Taye Diggs Rips Rodney Harrison for Saying Colin Kaepernick Isn't Black

Taye Diggs Rips Rodney Harrison for Saying Colin Kaepernick Isn't Black

You won't believe what he called the ex-NFL star.

Published August 31, 2016

Taye Diggs is throwing his support behind woke NFL player Colin Kaepernick and threw a major verbal punch at Kaep's fellow football player Rodney Harrison, who made waves the other day for declaring — incorrectly — that Kaepernick isn't Black.

TMZ spoke to the actor, who became an advocate for mixed race rights since the birth of his biracial son, about the low blow. "I'm still baffled at the idea that one person is justified in telling another person what suffering is, regardless of race or hue or skin or anything else," Diggs said. "No one can or should speak on anyone's experience unless they are that person or have walked in their shoes."

He continued, "When there can be so much negativity coming at African-Americans from so many directions, why do we continue to fight each other? Dare I say it's the same divisive perspective used by slave owners between black workers in the field and lighter workers in the house. It worked back then, must we continue to let it work now?"

Yup, you heard that right. Diggs essentially called out Harrison for having a slave owner's mentality. Harrison has already apologized for his huge gaffe, but it seems like it's gonna take more than a couple of tweets to live this one down.

Get the backstory on Kaepernick's bold move with BET Breaks above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo from left: Cindy Ord/Getty Images, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for GQ)


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