Benzino Rips Into Amber Rose—Compares the SlutWalk to Drugs!

Benzino Rips Into Amber Rose—Compares the SlutWalk to Drugs!

He explains why he's "starting to hate this industry."

Published October 1, 2016

While Benzino was scrolling through today’s top headlines, one story in particular grabbed his attention and inspired him to voice his opinion on the matter.

After posting a screenshot of a headline reading, “Amber Rose Needs Models and Artists For Her 2016 SlutWalk, So Get Your A** to LA,” the music executive and producer penned a lengthy caption, beginning, (in all capital letters), “Thank God my 19-year-old daughter doesn’t follow this garbage!”

He then goes on to detail about how he’s grateful to be an involved parent guiding his daughter away from the BS, and goes on to explain why he feels there isn’t a place for Amber Rose’s organized cause.

“Wf has happened to us as a society???” Benzino added. “Where we condone and support this bs. I’m starting to hate this industry!”

From there, a comment war began, with his many followers weighing in on his very strong opinion.

He engaged one user who challenged his stance, offering, “But these grown men can promote drugs, guns and ‘sending a b***h to get his dough’ to their sons AND daughters? But she can’t do this…”

Benzino replied that the commenter sounds like a “straight idiot,” and that no one walks in support of drugs, and therefore a SlutWalk shouldn’t be promoted either.

“Is anyone doing the drug walk!?” he fired back. “This is why she needs to be stopped ‘cause she’s f***ing up your head!!!”

Another commenter agreed that Rose’s annual SlutWalk doesn’t follow the same intention as the original cause founded in Canada, which was organized to bring preventative awareness about rape culture, calling Rose’s version a “mockery.” Naturally, Benzino was quick to agree with her on that one.

Check out the heated dialogue Benzino sparked in the Instagram posts below.

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Written by KC Orcutt

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