Look: Peter Gunz Claps Back at Fans Who Can't Handle This Photo of Amina

Look: Peter Gunz Claps Back at Fans Who Can't Handle This Photo of Amina

The Love & Hip Hop stars cause controversy on Instagram — again.

Published October 9, 2016

A picture speaks a thousand words, and fans have a lot to say about a recent one Peter Gunz posted of his wife Amina Buddafly

Unlike the eggplant pic Amina shared of Peter last month, however, this pic is shocking for a less NSFW reason.

On Saturday, the Love & Hip Hop star shared an Instagram photo of Amina holding baby Gunner, his son with ex Tara Wallace. “World Tour and Baby Gunner… bliss,” he captioned the picture. Given Tara and Amina's feuding history — which went on for several seasons of Love & Hip Hop: New York — it's surprising to see Amina and her stepson getting close.

World Tour and Baby Gunner... bliss

A photo posted by Pedro Pistolas (@petergunz174) on

It appears that things have since changed and Tara, Amina and Peter are all getting along after Amina accused Tara of creeping around with her husband and Peter impregnated his wife and his longtime ex at the same damn time.

Sadly, it looks like L&HH fans would rather see drama than healthy co-parenting, and didn't hold back criticizing the image. Tired of the hate, Peter shared it a second time and clapped back at the negativity that flooded his mentions. “Sad how people talk s**t about a photo that @iamtarrawallace took…My kids will know and love one another as long as I’m alive no matter how adults feel about one another or me for that matter… love is in the air don’t hate on it embrace it. goodnight world,” he wrote.

Peter’s Instagram post came shortly after Tara and Amina were spotted in New York together, with Tara seen holding Amina’s infant daughter, Bronx. Last week, Peter also shared an Instagram picture of his and Amina’s eldest daughter, Cori, sweetly kissing Gunner. It was the first time Tara’s new baby had appeared in a photo with Amina’s child.

This may not be great for ratings, but it's certainly good for the children, and that's what really matters. Keep it up, guys!

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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