It’s Over? Blac Chyna Is 'Really at a Loss' Over Relationship With Rob

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It’s Over? Blac Chyna Is 'Really at a Loss' Over Relationship With Rob

The couple's journey to the altar gets tougher.

Published October 10, 2016

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna continue to butt heads on their new E! reality show and, from the looks of it, one of them is having major doubts about their future.

According to People, on last night's episode of Rob & Chyna, the tension between them grew even thicker, prompting the model to even consider breaking things off with her reality star fiancée.

It all started off on a positive note when Rob found out, after getting some blood work done, that he was diabetes-free. Inspired by the good news, he told Chyna he started looking at homes so they could finally move in together, but she wasn't really feeling it as that meant she would have to leave her best friend Paige. What she said that followed is what shocked everyone.

"The reality of Paige moving out and Rob moving in is really getting to me," she said. "I can always rely on Paige and I know sometimes I cannot rely on Rob. What if Rob moves in, nothing changes and he goes back to his old habits?"

What blew the top off their latest tiff, though, was Rob's decision to start a new company with his friend. Chyna felt this wasn't the best idea since he already had so much on his plate with a new baby on the way, his sock company and, of course, his health.

Soon after this, they got into a screaming match in the car and it got pretty ugly.

"You treat people like s**t," Rob said. "You're rude and you're inconsiderate."

"Whatever. Get out of my path," she responded. "Everybody knows that you're a psychopath and you have a chemical imbalance, and you're lazy as f**k!"

Well, damn.

Check out the couple in happier times when they revealed the sex of their baby above with BET Breaks:

Written by John Justice

(Photo: MSA / Splash News)


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