Watch Sheryl Underwood Emotionally Defend Nate Parker and 'Birth of a Nation'

Watch Sheryl Underwood Emotionally Defend Nate Parker and 'Birth of a Nation'

"He's given his life to Christ!" the talk show host said.

Published October 11, 2016

Nate Parker has received a lot of criticism following the resurfacing of the rape case he was involved in during his time in college, for which he has since been aquitted. While he may be under scritiny, one person is coming to his and his recently released film's defense: Sheryl Underwood.

During a recent episode of The Talk, the comedian said while she doesn't excuse his actions, she questions why he is being scrutinized so heavily when other actors in his industry who have faced similar charges aren't criticized as harshly.

"I think this is an odd time for this to be the time that they judge this man on this," she said. "Now it's being brought up when he makes the most iconic film, the most thought-provoking film for some of us who believe Nat Turner was a revolutionary."

Bringining other famous names into the mix, she asked why they haven't been scrutinized to the same degree as Nate.

"Why is it that Roman Polanski can do whatever he wants, Woody Allen — I guess my feeling about this, from a person who has been raped, one thing we need to understand is the long-lasting, devastating effect of rape to everyone involved," she said.

She ended her statement saying the Birth of a Nation actor has turned over his life to Christ and changed his ways for the better:

"For everybody that does not understand, at the end of the day, [Nate's] life has been changed, but he has evolved. He's given his to Christ," she said. "He's become a better person. If you want to hold him to that then you need to hold everybody else that's done something to the exact same standard."

Take a look at the full segment, below:

Watch Parker discuss the negative backlash that he and his film have received with BET Breaks, above.

Written by Moriba Cummings

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