17 Times Sheneneh Jenkins Snatched Your Edges

17 Times Sheneneh Jenkins Snatched Your Edges

The original shade thrower.

Published October 12, 2016

It's no secret that Martin is a staple in Black television, and while everyone appreciated that laughs courtesy of Martin Lawrence — as Martin — and Tisha Campbell-Martin, it was the zingers thrown by Sheneneh that left everyone in stitiches. Take a look at our favorites, below:

  1. "Don't be bringing me no picture of Whitney Houston, because you're not Whitney Houston.. you're not even Bobby Brown, okay?”

    She always tells you like it is — even if the truth may hurt.

  2. "I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me.”
    (Photo: FOX)

    Yep, she said it first.

  3. "Little girl, just go home and change your pampers, okay?”

    Grown folks, only. OK?

  4. Well, look who came crawling back on her ashy little knees. What do you need? Some lotion? Why don't you just spit it down?
    (Photo: FOX)

    Can't be ashy, now.

  5. "She was tore up from the floor up... I dame near threw up.”

    Sometimes it's just like that.

  6. Sheneneh ain't with the swirl!

    She likes what she likes.

  7. "Oh no, you didn't."
    (Photo: FOX)

    Before we knew was "shade" was, there was this.

  8. "Sheneneh is around the way filet. If a man don't like me for me, he can just step off.”

    Know your worth, ladies. Sheneneh's preaching the Gospel.

  9. "Sheneneh is the owner of her own salon, her own business. Sheneneh don't work for nobody, aiight?... As you were!”
    (Photo: FOX)

    We're inspired. A true businesswoman before our eyes.

  10. "You tell your friend I ain't forgot. When I see her, I'mma bust her a**.”
    (Photo: FOX)

    On site!

  11. I'm a laaaaaaaaadyyy.”

    Oh, oh, oh, she's a lady!

  12. “Back up! I don’t like you anyway, and you know that!”
    (Photo: FOX)

    Then there was this.

  13. "Is that your wife or you dog walking backwards?"
    (Photo: FOX)


  14. “Reer, reer. C’mon on with it.”

    She's always ready — Always!

  15. “Oh my goodness. If it isn’t little miss attitude.”
    (Photo: FOX)

    Her nicknames were... um... charming?

  16. “Why are you always over here? I mean, don’t you have a man?”

    ...and another read.

  17. I know I'm fine, okay? I don't need you to tell me I'm fine. I know I'm fine.
    (Photo: FOX)

    Confidence goals.

Written by Moriba Cummings


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