13 Social Media Challenges That Broke the Internet

13 Social Media Challenges That Broke the Internet

From the #UNameItChallenge to the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.

Published November 21, 2016

Social media is pretty much how everything goes viral these days. Case in point: the numerous challenges that has taken over the world over the past few years that were tackled by celebs and beyond. The most recent addition to the Challenge Hall of Fame is the #UNameItChallenge, but we can't forget the classic planking, cinnamon and Harlem Shake challenges that started things off. Take a look at 13 social media challenges that broke the internet, below:

  1. So Gone Challenge:
  2. Cinnamon Challenge:
  3. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge:
  4. Mannequin Challenge:


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  5. #UNameItChallenge:
  6. Planking Challenge:
  7. Trump Is Coming Challenge:
  8. Running Man Challenge:
  9. 'Sausage' Rap Challenge:
  10. Harlem Shake Challenge:
  11. 'JuJu On That Beat' Challenge:
  12. Ice Bucket Challenge:
  13. Gangnam Style Challenge:

Written by John Justice

(Photos from left: Buchan/REX/Shutterstock, Kevin Hart via Instagram, Much Music Awards via Youtube)


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