Watch: Blac Chyna's Mom Goes Ballistic On All Her Instagram Followers

(Photo: Tokyo Toni via Facebook)

Watch: Blac Chyna's Mom Goes Ballistic On All Her Instagram Followers

What got into Tokyo Toni?

Published December 26, 2016

Drake's father, Dennis Graham, recently complained that more of his supporters weren't actually supporting him, save for liking his posts on Instagram, something that Blac Chyna's mother can also totally relate to. 

Tokyo Toni chose to air some of her grievances on Instagram, venting about how she's furious that more of her followers didn't contribute to a fundraiser she had been organizing and promoting on the social media app.

Addressing her recent failed attempt to raise money for charity, Toni chose to delete her Instagram page, which previously boasted 84,000 followers.

"Good morning everybody, this is Toyko Toni," the 44-year-old begins her commentary on Instagram. "What I decided to do was delete this Instagram page. Yeah. F**k 84,000 people."

She then goes into detail, mentioning how people follow her for the wrong reasons and had no interest in helping her raise money for a good cause. Her fundraising efforts possibly fell short due to rumors of her own financial misfortunate, with some thinking she would be pocketing the money herself.

"84 thousand people, and only 35 people donated," Tokyo Toni continues. "What the f**k are you on my page for? Get the f**k off my page. You're just a nosy b***h that don't give a f**k about nobody but yourself. You could not give one brown penny but yet your groupie a** is on my f**king page. I guess to get rid of all you sons of b****es early, I'll just delete this page and get another one. I dont give a f**k about fame or none of that s**t."

Her Instagram account, @mstokyotoni, currently is disabled.

Take a look at Tokyo Toni's final message to her fans on Instagram (at least from this account) in the repost below.

Written by KC Orcutt

(Photo: Tokyo Toni via Facebook)


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