Joseline Hernandez Gave Birth, but Here's Why You Won't See Her Baby

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez Gave Birth, but Here's Why You Won't See Her Baby

It's their first child together.

Published December 29, 2016

Looks like cameras in the delivery room are the new norm for expecting celebrity mothers.

Joseline Hernandez finally gave birth to her daughter, Bonnie Bella, and the first thing she did after popping out her first child was to live-stream her fans. From the looks of it, everything went smoothly with the birth, but the Puerto Rican princess refused to offer her awaiting fans a glimpse of the baby. Why?

According to Joseline, we'll have to wait for her VH1 birthing special to see her newborn daughter, Bonnie Bella. Yup, looks like reality cameras were in the delivery room capturing everything:

It's not clear if Joseline's baby daddy, Stevie J, was present for the birth of their first child, or if he got the drug test on the infant he was after, but it looks like he at least got a glimpse of his newborn daughter. Both Stevie and Joseline took to Twitter to express their joy:

Does this mean they'll be putting their pettiness aside, or is it just temporarily on pause? Guess we'll have to watch the birth special to find out.

Get the back story on their drama with Wendy Williams, above.

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: Robin L Marshall/WireImage)


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