Is Masika Kalysha in Her Feelings About Fetty Wap’s New Boo?

Is Masika Kalysha in Her Feelings About Fetty Wap’s New Boo?

Her shady comments on Twitter make it seem that way.

Published January 2, 2017

Considering the history between New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap and his baby mama, Masika Kalysha, it's no surprise that their new year would be rang in with a little bit of drama.

Over the holiday weekend, Fetty Wap was spotted with his new boo, Blu, and when Kalysha got wind that the rapper has his eye on a new lady, she couldn't help but offer her own two cents, albeit indirectly.

Taking to her Twitter, Kalysha shared a simple but shady reaction, which skews towards the fact that she's still in her feelings over Fetty Wap moving on.

"N****s will fk a donkey," she writes, adding several emojis to accent her reaction.

Naturally, fans reacted quickly to the tweet, with many pointing out that she needs to make up her mind, factoring in how she previously stated she's no longer interested in trying to make things work with her daughter's father. Perhaps she's had yet another change of heart?

Judging from Fetty Wap's reaction, he's not losing any sleep over any of it.

Take a look at Masika Kalysha's reaction to Fetty Wap's latest pursuit in the posts below.

#FettyWap spotted with his new boo #Blu

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(Photo: Masika Kalysha via Twitter)

Written by KC Orcutt

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