Celebrities React to the Death of Eddie Long

LITHONIA, GA - SEPTEMBER 26:  Bishop Eddie Long (L) embraces a friend, at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church September 26, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Bishop Eddie Long, the pastor of a Georgia megachurch was accused of sexual coersion by three men whom were members of the New Birth Missionary Church. Long has said that he denies all the allegations and that all people must face painful and distasteful situations.  (Photo by John Amis-Pool/Getty Images)

Celebrities React to the Death of Eddie Long

The controversial megachurch pastor passed away at 63.

Published January 15, 2017

Bishop Eddie Long passed away on Sunday, after a private battle with cancer. He was 63 years old. The senior pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church was a controversial figure to say the least — rumors of sexual abuse, tax evasion and homosexuality followed him for years — but was undoubtedly a vital figure in the church community both in Georgia and around the world.

See how celebrities are reacting to the pastor's death, below. 

The news of Long's death was first confirmed by gospel singer and New Birth member Byron Cage. Soon after, Twitter was flooded with messages about the news, including many derogatory ones. 

  1. Byron Cage
  2. Marc Lamont Hill
  3. Rickey Smiley
  4. LZ Granderson
  5. Jabari Young
  6. Anthony Oneal
  7. Don Lemon
  8. Michael Areceneaux
  9. Ayiesha Woods
  10. Wade Davis II
  11. Tracy Clayton
  12. Shaun King
  13. Kimberly Elise
  14. Frenchie Davis
  15. D.L. Hughley
  16. Tariq Nasheed

Written by Evelyn Diaz

(Photo: John Amis-Pool/Getty Images)


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