Look: Peter Thomas Shares Adorable First Photo of His Daughter Porsche’s Twins!

Look: Peter Thomas Shares Adorable First Photo of His Daughter Porsche’s Twins!

The new mom was shamed on social media for her ‘too Black’ baby belly.

Published January 15, 2017

Peter Thomas and his family have a lot to celebrate this month!

The Real Housewives of Altanta star's daughter, Porsche, recently gave birth to two beautiful boys, naming the twins August and Berlin

While Porsche's pregnancy was unfortunately challenged by ignorant trolls on social media who disgustingly attacked the actress and model for being "too Black," both she and her father are now instead focusing on the positive, happily welcoming the beautiful blessings to their family.

Taking to social media, Thomas shared a photo of his grandchildren for the first time, and it's clear he's bursting with pride and joy.

"How BEAUTIFUL ARE MY GRANDCHILDREN," he captions his Instagram post. "Two beautiful boys, two more reason for me to get up in the morning with GOD help, AUGUST AND BERLIN."

What a precious moment​. We have a feeling the RHOA star's Instagram page is going to deliver much more baby spam in the future, and we're totally here for that!

In the wake of Porsche's photo going viral and being viciously attacked with hurtful comments, prior to her giving birth, we spoke to the then new-mom-to-be about how she brushes off the haters and what advice she has for other women.

Take a look at Peter Thomas showing off his grandchildren for the first time in the post below, and see our exclusive interview with Porsche Thomas in full here

Written by KC Orcutt

(Porsche Thomas via Instagram)


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